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Calcium Gluconat Gel

Prevents the effect of toxic fluorides on the skin in case of contamination with hydrofluoric acid. Antidote recommended by professional societies.


Calcium gluconate gel (C-Gel) 2,5%

  • Individually orderable

  • long shelf life

  • in stock (Germany)

  • available immediately

  • Content: 30g

  • Made in EU

  • Simplified application in an emergency - can also be used with gloves - due to the pressure dispenser

Price: 15,90 € plus tax and shipping costs

The following application is recommended by BG RCI*:

- Apply calcium gluconate gel to the affected skin area and massage until the pain disappears.
  until the pain disappears.
- In between, rinse with water and replace with new calcium gluconate gel.
- When the pain is gone, continue the massage with the gel for another 15 minutes.

*Source: BG RCI, M 005, Hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and inorganic fluorides.

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