Calcium Gluconat Gel

For first aid after accidents with hydrofluoric acid.


C-Gel 40g

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  • Content: 40g

  • CE Certified

  • Made in UK

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C-Gel is a 2.5% calcium gluconate gel for the first aid treatment of skin burns caused by hydrofluoric acid. It is also known as HF antidote gel. Immediate application of this calcium gluconate gel to the burn site can significantly reduce damage to deep tissue and bone. C-Gel should be available in all workplaces where people come into contact with hydrofluoric acid, regardless of what other safety measures are taken.

Calcium gluconate gel reacts with hydrofluoric acid to form insoluble calcium fluoride. This prevents calcium from being dissolved out of body tissues and bones, which can lead to bone and deep tissue damage and even cardiac arrest. Please note that all hydrofluoric acid burns require a full medical examination, even when treated with calcium gluconate gel.

This HF antidote gel is supplied in portable 40g tubes. These tubes are ideal for staff to carry with them at all times in the workplace. This is especially important when working in the presence of hydrofluoric acid, as exposure to dilute forms may not be noticed immediately. Severe pain may occur hours later when severe tissue damage is irreversible. Therefore, in all cases where the skin comes into contact with hydrofluoric acid, immediate first aid is required, whether the person is in pain or not.

The most important features of C-Gel are:


  • Vital for first aid treatment of HF acid burns.

  • Significantly reduces damage to deep tissue and bone

  • Reacts chemically with HF acid to form calcium fluoride to prevent damage

  • Available in a convenient 40g tube

We strongly recommend that a tube of HF Antidote Gel is kept in the workplace and that each employee has their own tube and another tube at home in case of a delayed reaction.

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