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CRC training

Chemical-Risk & Care in-house training

Target group:

All employees who handle hazardous substances or who work with hazardous substances in their work environment.


Training goal:

After the training day, the participants should be able to carry out quick and effective personal decontamination as part of operational first aid with the decontamination and auxiliary equipment available in the company, as well as to carry out a qualified handover to the rescue service.

The basis of the training is the company's own first aid concept!


Theoretical part:

(Product knowledge and the effects of hazardous substances can also be instructed separately.)

Knowledge of the properties and application options of the available flushing media and aids at a glance

Immediate action and emergency lights

Acute risk for first aiders and self-protection

The correct behavior at the scene of the accident as well as the organization and process


Practical part:

Case-specific instruction

Exercise takes place on a training manikin

Immediate debriefing

Concrete coordination in advance

Participant script and proof of participation


Framework conditions:

The training is designed for 4 hours for up to 15 people. The participants receive a detailed script and proof of participation.

Feuerwehrmann Ausrüstung
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