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Practical occupational safety for use in chemical accidents involving hazardous substances

Emergency spray for skin, clothing and equipment


First aid in the event of an accident involving hazardous substances or chemicals.

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Active and quick neutralization and

Inactivation of:









Hydrofluoric acid and fluorides






Oxidizing agents (hydrogen peroxide,

Chlorine, bromine)




Heavy metals


Detachment & detachment of organic

Solvents and chemicals

The effect of SkinNeutrAll®

SkinNeutrAll® has three active ingredients:

  • Ascorbic acid to neutralize (via a redox reaction) strongly oxidizing substances such as hydrogen peroxide, elemental bromine, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, nitrous gases and many more

  • Amino acid buffer for neutralizing acids and bases such as sulfuric acid, caustic soda, nitric acid or hydrochloric acid


  • Amino acid glycine (part of the amino acid buffer) to bind formaldehyde as an imine, phenol as an amine and heavy metals as an amino complex


  • Calcium chloride to precipitate fluoride as insoluble calcium fluoride, thereby also inactivating hydrofluoric acid and precipitating silver as silver chloride.

In addition, polyethylene glycol and glycerine act as solubilizers for organic chemicals. Since ascorbic acid is not stable together with the other substances, the use of a double chamber spray was necessary.

Medical product with EU certification (CE mark)
Patent-protected (patent numbers: DE 10 2018 008 512.1 and US2020 / 0289395 A1)

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