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Practical occupational safety for use in chemical accidents involving hazardous substances

Designed for rapid decontamination of small body surfaces

BodyNeutrAll®-S (100ml) can be carried on the body

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Active and quick neutralization and

Inactivation of:







Hydrofluoric acid and fluorides






Detachment & detachment of organic

Solvents and chemicals

The effect of BodyNeutrAll®

BodyNeutrAll® has three active ingredients:

  • Amino acid buffer for neutralizing acids and bases such as sulfuric acid, caustic soda, nitric acid or hydrochloric acid

  • Amino acid glycine (part of the amino acid buffer) to bind formaldehyde as an imine, phenol as an amine and heavy metals as an amino complex

  • Calcium chloride to precipitate fluoride as insoluble calcium fluoride, thereby also inactivating hydrofluoric acid and precipitating silver as silver chloride.

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Medical product with EU certification (CE mark)
Patent-protected (patent numbers: DE 10 2018 008 512.1 and US2020 / 0289395 A1)


The proven safety equipment for working with hazardous substances now also with BodyNeutrAll®-S for skin care

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Significant cost savings and demonstrably better effect qualities compared to the premium supplier, long product shelf life, robust and long-lasting station as well as a possible single product exchange characterise our new combination!

The complete station is already available for net 154.50 €

  1. Plum QuickSafe Basic rinsing station (EST-00207), net 124,50 €

  2. BodyNeutrAll®-S (EST-00301), net 30,00 €

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Please send orders on invoice to

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